Our campaigns

Keep new Housing in Harold Hill for local residents

With the introduction of new affordable housing development schemes in Harold Hill such as around the shopping centre in Hilldene, I am proposing the reintroduction of the Local Housing policy used in 2014 when the development of new housing on the Briar Road Estate was restricted to local residents living in the area.

The 2014 policy stated “The aim of the policy is to maximise Harold Hill residents’ access to the new homes on the sites”.

This would ensue that any new built houses and flats in the Harold Hill area were let or offered under the councils shared ownership scheme on the basis of residents of Harold Hill first and then Havering residents.

This was used in the past for both the Briar Road development and then on the new homes built around the Hilldene shopping centre.

This will ensure that any council housing development in Harold Hill is kept for local families and not for residents outside the borough.

I have tabled a question for the next full council meeting to request that this is implemented as it was in the past.

Petersfield Avenue “Dangerous” Traffic say Residents

Our pre-election leaflet said we would campaign and look for ways in which we could improve the speeding of traffic along the long road that is Petersfield Avenue.

We were also calling for more zebra crossings along the road.

In keeping that promise all the Gooshays councillors have met with our highways department and along with a scheme they were proposing at the Petersfield Shops we have proposed and got them to support a raised traffic table zebra crossing so that the cars and lorries have to slow down at this point.

We are also exploring the possibility of yellow line waiting restrictions at the junction of Petersfield Close and Petersfield Avenue to allow clear vision for the residents of the close when merging onto the main road.

Living Wage Action Group – get involved!

Many people who work full time in low paid jobs are not able to live on their income and some rely on food banks.

The Living Wage in London is £8.80 per hour. The struggle is to get business and politicians to back the living wage in a meaningful way in order for hard working people to make ends meet.

Hornchurch and Upminster CLP have formed the Living Wage Action Group.  Contact us if you would like to get involved.