1) Cost                         £100,000,000,000 (for four submarine systems) 2) Killing capacity         3,000,000 (approximately per submarine) 3) Cost per death         £8,333 (approximately)* *Assassination by drone (Hellfire) missiles is ten times more expensive (excluding collateral deaths, of course) than the indiscriminate

Dame Angela Watkinson (Hornchurch and Upminster) (Con): To ensure that the electorate are properly informed so that they can take a decision on our future relationship with Europe on that basis rather than on an emotional basis, we need a proper cost-benefit analysis of the whole issue. It should not be applied just to immigration,

The Refugee Crisis, September 2015

Tuesday, 22 September 2015 by

David Cameron has offered 20,000 refugee places of sanctuary over the next five years. This is a pitifully empty gesture. Why? The basic maths is: 20,000 refugees divided by 5 years = 4,000 per year. 4,000 refugees divided by 655 Parliamentary Constituencies = 6 refugees per year per Constituency Cameron is living in a deluded