Environment Workshop 1.   Fly-tipping is a London wide problem which needs addressing. 2.   Incinerators are causing air pollution and should not be used when many of the items burnt could be recycled. Policy needed on incineration. 3.   The Mayor needs more waste management powers. 4.   Standardise waste and recycling across London.(e.g. Havering does not do

George Osborne and Council Tax

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Osborne is clueless. Since 2010 Council Tax has been virtually frozen but this apparent benefit is now a nightmare. Belatedly he’s decided to ‘let’ councils increase council tax by 2%, which means HE can’t be accused of putting up taxes. Osborne believes taxes can never go up. He doesn’t understand that taxes are the price

Social Housing

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A number of tenants in social housing have opted to take up the challenges of managing the estates where they live, by becoming a TMO (Tenant Management Organisation). There are now 133 TMOs over the whole country, and of those, there are a sizeable rump of 85 is in London alone. In recognition, the Government

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Bill Clinton once said that if you think International Aid is expensive see how much war costs. Alistair Blundell (SkyNews 26th September 2014) estimated the cost of a sortie of two planes flying for an average of 6 hours at a million pounds. David Cameron has advocated an open-ended war in Syria. There are now

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This was Sadiq Khan’s message to Labour representatives at the London Mayoral Election Manifesto Conference held in Stratford on Saturday. Sadiq stressed that housing was our biggest priority in the forthcoming election but he also said he was committed to a Fares Freeze. He wants to address in-work poverty and establish a real Living Wage throughout the

On the 17th of November, John McDonnell MP and Lilian Greenwood MP met with Local Government Leaders to discuss the Government’s cuts to funding for local councils. To read the full statement released after the meeting, please follow the link here. Councillor Keith Darvill – Labour Councillor for Heaton Ward

Oral Question to Andrew Selous 3rd November Will the Minister explain what consultations take place with potential employers to ensure that the courses and training in prisons are relevant to the skills that employers want? Also, when a prisoner who is in the middle of such a course has to attend court and is then

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David Cameron wrote an article in the Guardian newspaper about equality (26th Oct 2015). In that article he claimed that Conservatives were the party of equality. So how does he measure up himself? Being immensely wealthy doesn’t automatically mean he doesn’t believe in equality. But what does he do? Cameron’s cabinet is a mirror image

Afghanistan 1979- 1989 Soviet- Afghan War LOST Afghanistan 2001- 14 US (led coalition) Afghan War LOST Iraq 2003- 11 US (led coalition) Iraq War LOST Syria 2013-……?? US (led coalition) anti-ISIS/ Assad War  Syria was invented in 1919 after the break-up of the Ottoman Empire. It isn’t a country as such; it is a mosaic

At the CLP All Members meeting on 12th November 2015, the following discussions took place: “A Cleaner, Greener London” A lengthy debate on the expansion of City Airport resulted in members REJECTING this idea due to NOISE nuisance, BREACHES in NOISE regulations, NARROWING of flight paths across East London and JOBS in East London since