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Environment Workshop 1.   Fly-tipping is a London wide problem which needs addressing. 2.   Incinerators are causing air pollution and should not be used when many of the items burnt could be recycled. Policy needed on incineration. 3.   The Mayor needs more waste management powers. 4.   Standardise waste and recycling across London.(e.g. Havering does not do

This was Sadiq Khan’s message to Labour representatives at the London Mayoral Election Manifesto Conference held in Stratford on Saturday. Sadiq stressed that housing was our biggest priority in the forthcoming election but he also said he was committed to a Fares Freeze. He wants to address in-work poverty and establish a real Living Wage throughout the

On the 17th of November, John McDonnell MP and Lilian Greenwood MP met with Local Government Leaders to discuss the Government’s cuts to funding for local councils. To read the full statement released after the meeting, please follow the link here. Councillor Keith Darvill – Labour Councillor for Heaton Ward

At the CLP All Members meeting on 12th November 2015, the following discussions took place: “A Cleaner, Greener London” A lengthy debate on the expansion of City Airport resulted in members REJECTING this idea due to NOISE nuisance, BREACHES in NOISE regulations, NARROWING of flight paths across East London and JOBS in East London since

The “Tampon Tax” I emailed/wrote 5 messages in total to Dame Angela Watkinson MP on this issue- all of which were ignored along with anything else I have ever inquired about… This morning I tweeted her account asking why I never get any replies to which I got a rather rude response of ‘it will

            The Leader’s speech was the first that Jeremy Corbyn had given since his election by a resounding victory in the Leadership election just a few weeks before delivery. The new Leaders mandate was provided by 60% of the party voting for him outright, which gave him a platform for