Heaton Ward by-election Election of a Councillor for Heaton on Thursday 5 May 2016 Name of Candidate Description (if any) Number of Votes* CATON, Peter Green Party candidate 107 COLES, Jonathan William Albert Liberal Democrat 86 COOPER, Christopher John Independent 515 LAYZELL, Kevin Henry National Front 14 O’FLYNN, Denis Raymond Labour Party 1122 THURTLE, John

We must pay tribute to two long serving members this week firstly Sheila Hills, a long standing member of Heaton Ward and Dominic Blaney, an equally long serving member of Cranham Ward. May they rest in peace and condolences to their respective families. Sheila’s funeral in on Tuesday, 12th April at St.Augustine Church which is at

During my previous years as a Harold Hill Councillor, I have seen many changes but none as much as the changes I have seen over recent years.   The promise of pavement and road repairs still remain just that, a promise, and in many areas it remains a broken promise.   Street lighting is another area of

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Can you join me this Sunday as I return to the campaign trail? Meet me at 11am at Gants Hill Tube. I will be joined by volunteers from across London as part of a women’s canvassing weekend, supporting our new female candidates for the London Assembly. Havering and Redbridge is a seat we can and

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I introduced academies, but this government’s top-down approach threatens to ruin the entire programme Click here for an interesting article about this Government’s plans for schools’

The 2016-7 Havering Council Tax bill includes the unnamed Osborne tax. Osborne’s tax is 2%. Therefore Osborne does put taxes up. He’s smashed local government and covers up the disaster by forcing Councils to increase Council Tax by 2%. Council Tax is the sticking plaster created after Thatcher’s disastrous Poll Tax. Political cowardice means the

Help HACAN East fund the ‘Campaign of a Lifetime’ to continue the fight against newly concentrated flight paths and City Airport Expansion. Source: Click here>HACAN East: Campaign of a Lifetime

John McDonnell will today promise that Labour will manage public spending with “discipline” and aim to balance the books in power – but won’t hesitate to borrow billions in order to invest. In a major pre-Budget speech this morning, the Shadow Chancellor will set out how he intends to win back public trust in Labour

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I am 70 years old and proud to be a European.  I grew up believing that the point of the EU was to uplift the poor countries such as Bulgaria and Romania and, when the time comes, those Balkan States waiting to join.  Recently Greece was attacked and decimated by bankers, carpetbaggers and spiv’s which