Protect our Community Wardens

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Councillor Tele Lawal, Labour Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Hornchurch and Upminster writes: Havering Council recently ran a rigged consultation about changes to enforcement and housing community safety wardens in the borough.  They want to realign council enforcement, housing community safety wardens and CCTV teams to work more ‘effectively’ with the Met police. This means

“Young people should not pay the price for austerity with their lives” – Labour Party Leader   Across the capital, senseless killings have shocked communities and the recent surge in knife crime has led me to evaluate the policing, council services and community efforts to tackle youth violence in the London Borough of Havering. 70%

Joe has been a life long supporter of the Labour Party. Joe served in the army during the second world war. He was a governor at Hilldene Primary School for many years. He was also the Chairman for some years. A keen cricketer, who once played with Willy Hammond when in the army. For many years

Hard-right chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne (2010-6) used the 2008 financial crash to reduce some British welfare payments. His ideological austerity programme was combined with political pragmatism. Child Benefit, which is paid to mothers as a tax free sum, was a universal benefit which Osborne felt was inefficient. Osborne recognised that child benefit was

“On the day that Theresa May triggered article 50, YouGov published a survey of the things people would like brought back after Britain has left the EU. Top of the list was the death penalty, with 52% of those who voted to leave wishing to see its return. Other things that leavers were keen on

Putin knew that “there were bound to be some growing pains,” a source close to the Russian President said. “But geez.” Source: Putin Starting to Wonder If His Puppets Are Smart Enough to Pull This Off

Labour could slump to 140 seats in the next general election, the Fabian Society warns today in a landmark report. The non-factional group, affiliated to Labour, says the party is too weak to win a general election – whether held this year or in 2020 – but that it is unlikely to be replaced as

Leadership Debates 2016

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The Labour party’s pursuit of fairness, equality and justice continues. Source: Leadership Debates 2016

Source: Owen Smith, Not Jeremy Corbyn, Gives Labour the Best Chance to Win in Essex

Labour and the left teeter on the brink of disaster. There, I said it. I’ll explain why. But first, it has become increasingly common in… Source: Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer — Medium