Jeremy Corbyn will remain on the leadership ballot, a judge has ruled today. A High Court judge concluded the NEC had been “correct in law” to allow Corbyn to appear on the leadership ballot automatically. The ruling means the incumbent will not now need to gain nominations from 51 MPs and MEPs, as his challenger Owen Smith has

He is far from perfect. But at a time of existential crisis, when power structures are being turned upside down, Corbyn is the only choice that makes sense Source: I’m backing Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader. Here’s why | Clive Lewis | Opinion | The Guardian

If Labour is to have a future it needs to deploy its new members into genuine community organising Source: Mass membership alone doesn’t make a social movement | Owen Jones | Opinion | The Guardian

The man who led the buyout of Tower Colliery says Owen Smith is not going to be PM Source: Miners’ hero Tyrone O’Sullivan gives Corbyn thundering endorsement

If we need a reminder of how both sides are entrenched in the Labour leadership contest then the arrival of two court cases, seeking to overturn rulings by party officials, shows how much is at stake. In the first, due to be heard in the High Court this morning, a Labour donor is  challenging the

Source: Journalistic Representations of Jeremy Corbyn in the British Press – Research – Department of Media and Communications – Home

Political developments in Britain appear more than a little confusing at the moment. The parliamentary Labour party is in open revolt against a leader Source: Why Corbyn so terrifies the Guardian | Dissident Voice

The mortal threat to Labour

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The party is losing touch with the working class, writes Jon Cruddas First published by the Financial Times on 24/07/2016 Supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour party, often compare him to the great radical interwar Labour leader George Lansbury. But this comparison does not help him today. When, on a collision course

Source: Jeremy Corbyn’s poll ratings soar as Angela Eagle withdraws from Labour leadership election

And then there were three …

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Owen Smith this morning confirmed he will run for the Labour leadership just hours after the party’s ruling body confirmed Jeremy Corbyn automatically has a place on the ballot. After another madcap 24-hour period for Labour, Smith today vowed to be a “radical and credible” leader and to stave off a split in the party.