Obviously Osborne is clueless. He has virtually ordered councils to increase their council tax by 2% to pay for Social Services. The consequence of not raising that additional 2% is more ‘bed-blocking’ in our hard pressed hospitals. He doesn’t seem to appreciate that council tax is a vital element in the fabric of our society.

News from Ivana

Thursday, 04 February 2016 by

Ivana Bartoletti has written to the Civil Aviation Authority asking them to conduct a noise impact assessment after the 4th of February, when the changes to flight paths come into force. She said: “Many residents have contacted me over the last few months with their worries about the flight path changes at City Airport, and I think

Social Housing

Tuesday, 15 December 2015 by

A number of tenants in social housing have opted to take up the challenges of managing the estates where they live, by becoming a TMO (Tenant Management Organisation). There are now 133 TMOs over the whole country, and of those, there are a sizeable rump of 85 is in London alone. In recognition, the Government

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This was Sadiq Khan’s message to Labour representatives at the London Mayoral Election Manifesto Conference held in Stratford on Saturday. Sadiq stressed that housing was our biggest priority in the forthcoming election but he also said he was committed to a Fares Freeze. He wants to address in-work poverty and establish a real Living Wage throughout the

Jeremy Corbyn has been denounced for advocating the renationalisation of the railway system. Don’t MPs understand that TfL is a municipal enterprise? London’s transport network is a massive success. Raving left-wing loony Boris Johnson has expanded the TfL system in Havering. TfL now controls both the Shenfield line and the Romford – Upminster service. Johnson

Jeremy Voting less than a fifth* of the time is simply not good enough. Angela I’m terribly sorry Jeremy. Jeremy After all it is the equivalent of missing an entire year of the last parliament (2010-15). I can’t imagine a Chinese parliamentarian missing an entire year. Can you? Angela I’m terribly sorry Jeremy. Jeremy Alright.

The Refugee Crisis, September 2015

Tuesday, 22 September 2015 by

David Cameron has offered 20,000 refugee places of sanctuary over the next five years. This is a pitifully empty gesture. Why? The basic maths is: 20,000 refugees divided by 5 years = 4,000 per year. 4,000 refugees divided by 655 Parliamentary Constituencies = 6 refugees per year per Constituency Cameron is living in a deluded