Harold Wilson’s 1960s governments created modern Britain. He civilised Britain making today’s society. Abortion- His government ended amateur ‘back-street’ abortions by decriminalising abortion.* Homosexuality- The repressive and socially corrosive anti-homosexual laws were swept away. The outcome was ending police entrapment and blackmail. Open University- The world’s first democratic open access university suitable for working class

Jeremy Corbyn is Right on Syria

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Syria, like most other countries, doesn’t have ‘natural’ frontiers. Syria was born after WW1 with the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Its frontiers were decided by western diplomats most of whom had little practical knowledge of the region. Its frontiers ignored tribal and religious facts. As a result Syria has frontiers which are a geo-political

Sabre rattling hawk Curtis LeMay (US air force general) in the 1950s, wanted to destroy China to stop communism. In the 1960s he wanted to bomb North Vietnam back to the “Stone Age”(quote). The 1982 Falklands War demonstrated that nuclear weapons were useless. UK Nuclear Weapons were deployed but weren’t even considered. Tony Blair could

This was Sadiq Khan’s message to Labour representatives at the London Mayoral Election Manifesto Conference held in Stratford on Saturday. Sadiq stressed that housing was our biggest priority in the forthcoming election but he also said he was committed to a Fares Freeze. He wants to address in-work poverty and establish a real Living Wage throughout the

The “Tampon Tax” I emailed/wrote 5 messages in total to Dame Angela Watkinson MP on this issue- all of which were ignored along with anything else I have ever inquired about… This morning I tweeted her account asking why I never get any replies to which I got a rather rude response of ‘it will

Jeremy Corbyn has been denounced for advocating the renationalisation of the railway system. Don’t MPs understand that TfL is a municipal enterprise? London’s transport network is a massive success. Raving left-wing loony Boris Johnson has expanded the TfL system in Havering. TfL now controls both the Shenfield line and the Romford – Upminster service. Johnson

The Refugee Crisis, September 2015

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David Cameron has offered 20,000 refugee places of sanctuary over the next five years. This is a pitifully empty gesture. Why? The basic maths is: 20,000 refugees divided by 5 years = 4,000 per year. 4,000 refugees divided by 655 Parliamentary Constituencies = 6 refugees per year per Constituency Cameron is living in a deluded