Obviously Osborne is clueless. He has virtually ordered councils to increase their council tax by 2% to pay for Social Services. The consequence of not raising that additional 2% is more ‘bed-blocking’ in our hard pressed hospitals. He doesn’t seem to appreciate that council tax is a vital element in the fabric of our society.

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Last Thursday, I attended the launch of Havering Mind’s mental health awareness campaign. It was an amazing event, testament to the work of the charity and their commitment to changing the public perception of mental illness. I am also very happy that the Romford Recorder is supporting the campaign with so much dedication. Unfortunately, Tory

Jeremy Corbyn is Right on Syria

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Syria, like most other countries, doesn’t have ‘natural’ frontiers. Syria was born after WW1 with the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Its frontiers were decided by western diplomats most of whom had little practical knowledge of the region. Its frontiers ignored tribal and religious facts. As a result Syria has frontiers which are a geo-political

Sabre rattling hawk Curtis LeMay (US air force general) in the 1950s, wanted to destroy China to stop communism. In the 1960s he wanted to bomb North Vietnam back to the “Stone Age”(quote). The 1982 Falklands War demonstrated that nuclear weapons were useless. UK Nuclear Weapons were deployed but weren’t even considered. Tony Blair could

Hinkley Point nuclear power station is going to receive £24.5bn of investment. Is investing in nuclear power the best investment? The Fukushima (2011) disaster demonstrated that fixed nuclear sites are vulnerable. For the UK vulnerability will be terrorism (assymetrical warfare). Let us consider spending the money on retrofitting energy conservation instead. What if houses/offices were

George Osborne and Council Tax

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Osborne is clueless. Since 2010 Council Tax has been virtually frozen but this apparent benefit is now a nightmare. Belatedly he’s decided to ‘let’ councils increase council tax by 2%, which means HE can’t be accused of putting up taxes. Osborne believes taxes can never go up. He doesn’t understand that taxes are the price

Bill Clinton once said that if you think International Aid is expensive see how much war costs. Alistair Blundell (SkyNews 26th September 2014) estimated the cost of a sortie of two planes flying for an average of 6 hours at a million pounds. David Cameron has advocated an open-ended war in Syria. There are now

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Afghanistan 1979- 1989 Soviet- Afghan War LOST Afghanistan 2001- 14 US (led coalition) Afghan War LOST Iraq 2003- 11 US (led coalition) Iraq War LOST Syria 2013-……?? US (led coalition) anti-ISIS/ Assad War  Syria was invented in 1919 after the break-up of the Ottoman Empire. It isn’t a country as such; it is a mosaic

David Cameron and bombing Syria

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Henry Kissinger, who orchestrated one of the greatest bombing campaigns in history (including war-crime chemical weapons) said: We bombed them* into letting us accept their terms. Perhaps Cameron should bear this in mind? *The Vietnamese

George Osborne has successfully portrayed the amount of welfare benefit paid as being both excessive and unaffordable. British taxpayers have bought this narrative. Child Benefit was frozen for four years (2010-4). The benefit was increased last year by 1.97%. Furthermore, it was capped at an annual salary of £50,000 for parents. British pensioners had an