Hornchurch & Upminster Constituency Labour Party

The Constituency of Hornchurch and Upminster consists of eight wards which are all part of the London Borough of Havering and encompasses Harold Hill and Harold Wood in the north of the Constituency, and the wards of: Cranham; Upminster; Emerson Park; Hacton; and St. Andrews wards to the south.

After successes in the 2018 Local Elections, ‘H&U Labour Party’ currently holds 5 Council Seats across the 2 Harold Hill wards of Heaton and Gooshays. Click here to learn more about our Councillors

We are committed to promoting the aims of the Labour Party across the Constituency and believe local residents deserve better than the currently anonymous Tory MP we’re lumbered with. While we face an uphill battle in Havering, we are here because we believe we can make the difference. 20 years ago, Upminster had a Labour MP – with your help, we can deliver another one.