Leadership Debates 2016

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The Labour party’s pursuit of fairness, equality and justice continues.

Source: Leadership Debates 2016

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  1. Why when Romford CLP have had a meeting to discuss the candidates are Hornchurch and Upminster CLP denied the opportunity of the same democratic right? I hear rumours of oligachies within CLPs I sincerely hope this doesn’t apply locally.

    • Bob McArdle says : Reply

      Good point again. Anyone got an official answer to the above? Did Romford meet to discuss the candidates? Are Hornchurch and Upminster denied the opportunity to discuss? If so, why this anomaly? Is this the AGM that we were told we couldn’t have? I did think that was a bit weird! Why don’t we all just meet somewhere, co-ordinated via this website, to discuss?

  2. Bob McArdle says : Reply

    I don’t know if this link is able to be viewed by people on here, but this is something i think all members need to be aware of and also discussing.
    Going to state it on here, and I have already voted for Corbyn so too late? to stop me voting unless some retrospective action is taken, but i have supported the Greens in the past. I think I may have voted for them in an election of some sort. Reason being the Labour Party, for which I have been a lifelong supporter, needed a kick up the backside at the time as I recollect. Probably the General election or local elections when we were waging an illegal war on the people of Iraq. Or cloning the party on the Tories.
    Does anyone who can vote in this leader election have to have voted Labour at every opportunity ever during their lifetime? Is this another new introduced eligibility to vote rule instigated by the NEC?! Are people associated with the NEC trawling through the history of everyone who is eligible to vote?! Are the NEC and their “coupers” looking for any trick to bar anyone who looks like a Corbyn voter from voting? Without doubt the answer to all these questions is a resounding Yes and I find it embarrassing and disturbing actually. And I am appalled. I never thought that my beloved Labour party would stoop so low. Yes, I think I am embarrassed and shocked more than anything. Can’t members of the labour party support Green policies? I would have no problem, per se, with anyone voting in this election having sympathy with some Tory policies, as I am sure many of the “coupers” do actually. God this is all ridiculous. Live and let live.
    I’m not a religious man at all. but i am almost moved to pray that Corbyn wins this election.

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