Why Corbyn so terrifies the Guardian | Dissident Voice

by / Monday, 25 July 2016 / Published in News

Political developments in Britain appear more than a little confusing at the moment. The parliamentary Labour party is in open revolt against a leader

Source: Why Corbyn so terrifies the Guardian | Dissident Voice

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  1. Bob McArdle says : Reply

    A great article that eases my fears regarding the state of the Labour party and politics after Corbyn has won the leadership election.
    Helps me come to terms with the scare mongering that is going around the media at the moment.

  2. Susan Faulkner says : Reply

    Thank you for sharing this link (which I’ve now shared on Facebook). An interesting article and analogy. Let’s hope the paradigm shift comes sooner rather than later.

  3. Dewi Evans says : Reply

    An interesting article. When considered with the latest LSE research it all begins to make sense.

  4. Xiaoyue Shi says : Reply

    Thanks for sharing! A good read and makes a lot of sense. Shared on FB.

    Here is another one: Labour sued by members barred from leadership vote and the crowdfunding page.

  5. John Paul Reid says : Reply

    Th Guardan backed the Libdems, and their predecessors in the 2010 and 1983 elections, just when did the guardian realize its readers were more suited to the Labour Party,that the paper went back to supporting labour again in 2015 and 1987 is unknown , for different reasons as labour was to the right of its previous self ,in 1987 and too the left of itself in 2015

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