Labour braced for courtroom drama

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If we need a reminder of how both sides are entrenched in the Labour leadership contest then the arrival of two court cases, seeking to overturn rulings by party officials, shows how much is at stake.

In the first, due to be heard in the High Court this morning, a Labour donor is  challenging the decision by the party’s ruling body to automatically grant Jeremy Corbyn a place on the ballot without nominations from 51 MPs and MEPs.

If Michael Foster is successful, the leadership contest could be put on hold or re-started. While this would set the party the contest back weeks, it would clearly prove more palatable to the left then a coronation for Owen Smith.

A second legal action is brewing after a group of members crowdfunded a campaign to challenge the January “freeze date” for the leadership election, which has prevented 130,000 new members from voting. They argue that the party breached their contract with members by telling them when they signed up that they “will be eligible to vote in leadership elections”.

Success is, of course, not guaranteed and in both cases the party is expected to defend its decisions strongly.

from LabourList 26th July 2016

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  1. K Mixture says : Reply

    Did the MP’ s who took the illegal step of trying to replace the duly elected leader by a coup have any idea of the damage they were inflicting on our Party? If it wasn’t so serious, it would be amusing listening to them blaming the leader for everything when they are not carrying out the duties expected of them, that they were voted in to do and are paid a very good salary to perform.

  2. I think this action by a donor highlights the danger of accepting large amounts from single sources, they think they have bought you.
    I hope the judge finds in favour of the NEC. If not I fear this will lead to the complete split at least until the next general election between the Labour Party and the Parliamentry Labour Party. Of course should the Judge find against the NEC then Conference could change the rules to represent that which the NEC believes to be the case. Then another leadership election might be arranged.

    It is becoming quite byzantine and those in the PLP who have worked hard to discredit and remove the Party’s chosen leader should wake up to the fact that the members who voted overwhelmingly for JC ( how apposite), have long memories and the anti democrats of the PLP will never be forgived. They have lost two General Elections in a row and if they are still the power base at the next it will be a hat trick of failures.

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