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EU The Jury

Ten men and women, a citizens’ jury of all ages and backgrounds, spend a weekend discussing how to vote in the EU referendum. They hear evidence from experts, question them closely, and then deliberate among themselves.

No politicians. No soundbites. No insults. Just interested people discussing important questions. One in five voters are still undecided about how to vote on 23 June, and now a series of free podcasts is available to help them make up their minds.

EUTheJury is a unique venture, produced entirely by volunteers with a background as radio journalists. They have received no outside funding and are independent of any referendum organisations or campaign groups. The podcasts are presented by the award-winning journalist and broadcaster Robin Lustig, former presenter of The World Tonight on BBC Radio 4.

Each podcast tackles a different issue: immigration, the economy, EU laws and regulations, and sovereignty and national identity. The jurors’ questions – and their discussions – make for an engrossing and compelling listen.

Producer Gudrun Dalibor said: ‘Our only aim in making these podcasts has been to add to the debate in a way that clarifies the big questions and will help people make an informed decision.’

Robin Lustig said: ‘So many people say they are still finding it difficult to grasp some of the issues – so what we’ve tried to do is give them an opportunity to eavesdrop on a group of ordinary voters as they grapple with the same issues.’

The podcasts are available here

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