Message from Denis O’Flynn – Labour candidate for the Heaton by-election on 5th May, 2016

by / Thursday, 07 April 2016 / Published in News

Denis O'FlynnDuring my previous years as a Harold Hill Councillor, I have seen many changes but none as much as the changes I have seen over recent years.   The promise of pavement and road repairs still remain just that, a promise, and in many areas it remains a broken promise.   Street lighting is another area of concern for many residents with poor lighting and the absence of CCTV cameras that thousands of residents are still paying for but were never installed.   I understand why people feel very badly let down by this Conservative/Residents’ Association Coalition Administration and their allies in the UKIP group but I intend to make their voice heard in the Town Hall.

In Heaton Ward, we have witnessed repeatedly the people’s belief in the democratic process shattered when they have raised their objections to certain planning applications.   They then see their objections totally ignored and the Administration Councillors’ repeatedly voting to pass unacceptable developments.

We have seen garages demolished and homes built in their place.  We need homes for our residents’ but all the promises that were made during the initial discussions have amounted to nothing.

Whether you live in Keats Avenue, Briar Road, Daventry Road, Bell Avenue or a dozen other areas around Heaton Ward, the astonishing thing has been that your LABOUR Ward councillor, when supporting residents’ objections, was condemned by the Opposition.   They thought we should be like them and turn our backs on our constituents when they needed a voice in the Council Chamber.

I want to be elected to serve you and the record will show that is what I have done consistently in the past and will continue to do if you decide to trust me as your Ward Councillor.   We have watched UKIP support the Conservatives on every issue.   Most of the UKIP members were Conservative supporters just a short while ago which proves the truth of the old saying “a Leopard never changes its spots”


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