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I am 70 years old and proud to be a European.  I grew up believing that the point of the EU was to uplift the poor countries such as Bulgaria and Romania and, when the time comes, those Balkan States waiting to join.  Recently Greece was attacked and decimated by bankers, carpetbaggers and spiv’s which resulted in the poorest being made to suffer.  This dishonest band of gangsters has gone unpunished, which is a crying shame on us all for standing by without raising our voices even louder.

In answer to a remark raised during a recent meeting, I pointed out that a headline in a national newspaper declared that 1,100,000 refugees were headed our way was not entirely accurate.  Further reading of the article would have informed readers that the newspaper estimated that this could be the number entering Europe over the coming year without even guesstimating how many would arrive in the UK.  Before believing distortions in the main press, read about the efforts of MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders), who, despite the bombing of their hospital in Northern Syria which killed many and destroyed a hospital that served 40,000, have not given up and will continue in their efforts to save lives.

It is our duty to welcome those who have fled their homes and are suffering because of war and assist them in their journey to make a new life throughout Europe.  Some may be concerned that not all of those coming are seeking refuge but are, in fact, economic migrants.  I am a descendant of Irish immigrants and my wife’s ancestors walked from central Germany, all seeking work.  I am an Englishman and proud of the way we are able to integrate and care for each other.

We take pride in this country and give generously to charities.  I recently received a statement from HMRC informing me that I had contributed £92 to Overseas Aid and £42 to the EU budget.  There are many who through meanness of mind and spirit would resent giving this, shame on them.  Remember when you give and share then find you have some left over, examine your conscience because you have not given enough.

Patrick Chalk

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