Report back from our delegates to the London Policy Conference

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Environment Workshop

1.   Fly-tipping is a London wide problem which needs addressing.

2.   Incinerators are causing air pollution and should not be used when many of the items burnt could be recycled. Policy needed on incineration.

3.   The Mayor needs more waste management powers.

4.   Standardise waste and recycling across London.(e.g. Havering does not do food waste recycling.) Use waste as a resource.

5.   Support local energy generation.

6.   Switch energy providers to consider others than the Big Six.

 Transport Workshop

 1.   Focus on cycling.

2.  The One Hour Bus Ticket idea needs a time extension.

3.  Focus needed on orbital routes.

4.   Support for ULEZ as soon as possible.

5.  Passenger voice groups needed.

 Safer, Healthier Communities

 1.   Increase of hate crime stressed.

2.   Preventative crime action pays for itself. (Leeds was given as a good example of success in preventative crime.)

3.   Early intervention needed to cut crime.

4.  Youth budget cuts are devastating.

5.   Betting shops are premises which attract crime and anti-social behaviour. (Also fast food premises.)

6.   Local cops needed.

7.   Loss of so many fire engines across London was raised as a concern.

6.   London should be a ‘Dementia Friendly’ city.

from Rosina Purnell

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  1. Cenred Elworthy says : Reply

    Have to agree with the focus on orbital transport routes. This is a great way to build support in the outer suburbs and can help the whole pro-growth flexible work force agenda. The success of the London Overground and the impact it has had from Peckham to Dalston speaks for itself.

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