Response to “Shaping Labour’s Manifesto for London”

by / Tuesday, 17 November 2015 / Published in News

At the CLP All Members meeting on 12th November 2015, the following discussions took place:

  1. “A Cleaner, Greener London” A lengthy debate on the expansion of City Airport resulted in members REJECTING this idea due to NOISE nuisance, BREACHES in NOISE regulations, NARROWING of flight paths across East London and JOBS in East London since earlier expansion have not materialised as first promised.   PROTECTING “Green Space” must be a priority and the building of new accommodation should not continue to put pressure on current Council Estates along with an emphasis on ENERGY use reduction.
  1. “Housing & Planning”  Multiple occupation of existing housing should be prevented by planning law.   Encouragement of DECENT landlords should be a priority.   DISCOURAGE reduction in plot sizes when building new houses.   There should be a HIGHER minimum percentage for affordability in new schemes.
  2. “Transport & Infrastructure” GALLOWS Corner should be made a priority for improvement and all the trunk roads running through Havering ie. A12, A127 & A13 need to be improved to take the pressure of increased movement from the M25. A FREEZE on public transport fares needs some serious thought as implementation could have a serious knock on effect.
  3. “Business, Growth & Jobs” plus “Fairness & Equality” Scrutiny of the LIVING WAGE and the MINIMUM WAGE should be a priority of the Mayor along with ZERO HOURS contracts.   Parity of pay and EQUALITY between men and women in similar jobs should also be open to scrutiny.
  4. “Safer, Healthier Communities” particularly putting VICTIMS of crime first, building community confidence in our POLICE force and tackling childhood obesity and ill health is well within the remit of the London Mayor.

All the above just gives you a small taster of discussions at the meeting and if you wish to contribute to Labour’s Manifesto for London, why not Make a submission yourself?

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