She Works For You: Angela Watkinson Sept. 2015

by / Tuesday, 06 October 2015 / Published in Politics

Dame Angela Watkinson (Hornchurch and Upminster) (Con): To ensure that the electorate are properly informed so that they can take a decision on our future relationship with Europe on that basis rather than on an emotional basis, we need a proper cost-benefit analysis of the whole issue. It should not be applied just to immigration, which is the issue of today, but to how much the EU costs, how much we get out of it, how the regulations impact on businesses and jobs and so forth, so that the electorate can make an informed choice. Hansard Col 90 7th Sept European Union Referendum Bill debate

This is her sole appearance in Hansard during September 2015. The Minister, David Lidington, brushed her comment off as though he was a jaded school teacher with a less gifted pupil

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