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Election Address from the CLP Chair:

The statistics show that there are a great number of women and young people that are not registered to vote, but it is those very groups that Government policies have the greatest impact on.  It is the vast majority of women that look after children and who are constantly affected by childcare, education and school places, looking after elderly or vulnerable family members.  Please read the manifesto and the information about each of the policy areas, below:

EDUCATION – The various types of schools such as academies and free schools have no local accountability and are only answerable to the Secretary of State for Education in Westminster.   The local authority has a legal obligation to ensure every child over 5 years old has a school place, but has no direct influence over the management of the school and has no funds to build schools.

The Labour Party has committed to reducing tuition fees by one third, making university education more accessible.

NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE – The King’s Fund published a report recently published confirmed the average investment year on year:

  • over the last 30 years was 4%.
  • during the last Labour Government administration was 6%
  • Over the last five years was 0.5%

Labour rescued the NHS after years of Tory neglect and will do it again after the Coalition’s record of increasing waiting times and closure of walk-in centres leading to pressure on GP and A&E services

More private patients being treated in NHS hospitals since the Coalition of Tory and Liberal Democrats lifted the cap on the number of private patients to increase hospitals’ income, but this led to less places to treat those without private health cover.

CHILD CARE – Today, many families are struggling with the cost of childcare.   Under the Tories and Lib Dems there are 40,000 fewer childcare places and 720 fewer Sure Start children’s centres.   The cost of nursery places has risen by 33 percent.

A Labour Government will give 25 hours per week of free childcare to parents with 3 and 4-year-olds.

If people want to work, this will give them the help they need.   No more having to stay at home because of exorbitant childcare costs.

YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT – University is not the way forward for a lot of young people and the 50% who don’t go to university will get the training they need for skilled jobs.   It is the youth services that are an easy target when Councils need to make cuts.   No one seems to be shouting loud enough for our youngsters.   It is time to invest in and support our young people.     Many of those that ‘go off the rails’ do so because they do not see a future their local community or have been shown their worth in society..

TAX – The very wealthy want to live in the UK so why wouldn’t they pay for the privilege.   The amount they would have to pay will not mean they have to leave a different lifestyle.   You will not see them sleeping in cardboard boxes because of it.

The vast majority of UK residents pay all the taxes due on their income. Why do we have a separate group who think they are so wealthy they don’t need to pay.

IMMIGRATION – There is nothing in Labour’s principles or values that support unlimited immigration and our pledge to control it is right for our economy and our society. Strong borders, with a funded increase in border staff, can help restore confidence in our country’s ability to know who is here and who has left. It is a basic the Coalition Government has failed on and it increases people’s anxiety about change they feel is out of control.

There is a lot of talk about cutting overseas funding, but invariably it is not cash that is given, but practical resources to help people build their own countries to a good standard. Surely that is better than those people fleeing their own country to any part of the world because it is so bad and there is no change in sight.

It must be remembered those emigrating don’t all want to come to Britain, which is how it feels the way media and some politicians want you to think.

EUROPE – Strange that those politicians who are MEPs take the money, do not make their accounts public and do not do any work because they do not agree with it.   How is that helping the people of Hornchurch and Upminster or the UK?

We want politicians that will work for us, not just turn up and take the money.   That is not representing their electorate.

The electorate went to the polls on 22 May 2014 to elect their MEPs and the anti-European Union parties secured a number of seats.   Why do the electorate want to vote on it again in the General Election on 7th May 2015 and again two years after that in a referendum.     MPs should know the views of their local constituents by consulting and exchanging views with them.   They would then represent them accordingly in Parliament or suffer the consequences.

PLANNING – In Havering there have been unpalatable decisions, even when the application was recommended for refusal.   Local Councillors made those decisions, but nationally clearer guidelines must be put in place.

BENEFIT PAYMENTS – If we hit hard times, and there have been many people that this has become a reality in recent times, need a helping hand.   There should be no stigma when this happens.

Some benefits will be paid for life, such as for the disabled who have enough to cope with without being pilloried by politicians and the media.   Disability does just mean those with conditions that are visible.   There are many disabilities that are not apparent to the naked eye.

EMPLOYMENT LAW AND CONDITIONS – Why do the Tories always oppose working conditions that will will benefit working people, but push for benefits to the business leaders?   All the legislation that Labour have pushed through for the working people of this country has not been at the cost of jobs, which is the argument that is always put forward.     They also challenge the basic working principles and benefits brought in by the European Commission.     They are now joined in this by UKIP.   Labour will fight for better working conditions for all.

WOMEN – UKIP and the Tories want to take women back to Victorian times.   No vote, no equality, no standing in the local community and everything run by men.   They will of course deny this, but their policies say it all when you look at the detail.   There is no equality but promotion of in the kitchen waiting on their men.   They need to wake up and accept we have moved on and deserve equal standing in the local and national society.   If women or men want to take a role of staying at home and looking after their children, especially in their early years, and they can afford to that should be supported.   Labour supports families and this is borne out by their policies being family friendly.

2014 Local Elections


Keith Darvill (pictured above) was elected as the Labour Councillor in Heaton Ward.

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